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We provide export quality seafood at reasonable prices straight to your doorstep. Give us a call or visit our website for fresh or frozen seafood – prawn / jhinga, mushka / croaker, surmai / kingfish, pomfret / paplet and many more.

Top Features That make us Proud

Small Prawn

Medium Prawn

Large Prawn

Jumbo Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Large Prawn

Slipper Lobster

Tuna (Dawan)

Red Snapper (Heera)

King Fish (Surmai)

Rahu (Rohu)

Indian Salmon (Rawans)

White Pomfret

Mahi Mahi (Amloshk)

Lemon Sole (Sole)

Hamour (Ghissar)

Black Pomfret

Seabream (Safaid Dandia)

Bhetki (Daangri)

White Barracuda (Safaid Kund)

Indian Mackerel(Bangda)

Queen Fish (Saram)

Reef Cod (Daama)

Halibut (Hajjam)

Emperor (Mulla)

Tilapia (Daiyya)

Cat Fish (Khagga)

Mud Crab

Green Mussel

Leather Jacket (Irani Paplet)

Croaker (Mushka)

Amberjack (saafi)

Javelin Grunter (Daothar)

Squid Calamari (Maiyya)

Black Barracuda (Kala Kund)

River Sole (Saul)

Milk Fish (Sulemani)

Cobia (Sangra)

Lady Fish (Bhambore)

Pompano (Sonaf)


Indian Mackerel(Bangda)



Indian Mackerel(Bangda)

Goldsilk Bream (Kala Dandia)

Top Features That make us Proud

Quality Products

We Only sell A Grade, Organic and Fresh Seafood.

Quick Delivery

We always try to quickly Delivery your Seafood and are well pack and cool.

Experience Staff

We have experienced staff they know what to buy and how to deliver you fresh Seafood.

Product Weight

You will see we sell and our price is after cutting rate. It makes us different from others.

Fresh & Tasty Seafood

Welcome to SeaBirdTours where you can taste unforgettable Seafood.