Fishing Boat

Boat Riding and Fishing

Deep sea fishing in the Arabian sea is a specialised tour for fishing enthusiasts in Pakistan and abroad.  We will drive you to the fishing harbor or Kemari to board on your boat. We will sail for about 1 hours to reach a spacified point in the sea where you will be provided with fishing gear to fish.

While you enjoy the fishing we will serve refreshments and fry your catch on board the ship and serve lunch with potatoes and bread on board with soft drinks.

Small Fishing Boat

Manora Park Tour

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Maximally flavorful dish of frying Seafood and fish its a food you cannot visit without eating.


Snorkeling is a very relaxing activity. Equipment required for snorkeling

Boat tour is a great outdoor activity for karachites, where you can hire a full day or half day boat from keamari jetty, near the karachi sea port and can spend a good time out on the sea with friends and relatives.

The boats are not fancy but locally made boats with a smaller engine and some of them are double decker, so you can climb up the deck to watch the sunset and if the tide is ok you can also catch some fishes.

While majority of the time is consumed in fishing, the boat sailors try to bargain time by stopping the boat and indulging in fishing activity which takes up most of the time.

Plan before you go out n Fish, Checkout the Best Days and Time for Fishing in Karachi.